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Here Be Dragons

A thousand days of training to develop

Ten thousand days of training to polish

You must examine all this well

Miyamoto Musashi

The Complete Book of Five Rings


News Journal

Master Ping / FangYuanTaiChi
About 2 years ago I transitioned from Yoga to Taiji and Qigong.The Latter was becoming quite painful and not helping my recovery. I gradually became more frustrated with myself because I was no longer able to enter,exit nor maintain even the easiest ...
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My Daily TaiJi Ch'i Kung Routine
Everyday I perform a Simple routine that I picked up from Don Fiore on YouTube. I started way back in September 2021As my studies have deepened I have begun to expand this practice, improving the transitions, to make it more flowing. In the original ...
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Today I Cocked up
Things have been going well lately...This week I have already been busy. I have been studying hard and completed a course on Qigong through The Centre of Excellence to add to the T'ai Chi Diploma I picked up the other day. I finished Master Ping...
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the Tewsday Teabreak
Here is a planComing SoonEach Tuesday (Tewsday) a new Qigong/Chi Kung/Chi Gong and it T'ai Ji will be introduced over a cup of tea on YouTubePracticed in a new location Each Day. broadcast daily for 7 days on TikTok#oldmanofmountains#1000daysoft...
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The Next Challenge
Climbing Cader IdrisNow that the #1000daysoftaijichikung challenge is well under way on TikTok, it is time to turn my attention to my great love - mountain walking.Over the years I have lived here, I have summited Cader Idris in the South of the Eryr...
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Tiktok and the 1000 day challenge
It grabbed me, as it usually does, in the middle of the night. You know, that time in the deepest darkest hours when your bladder has got you up again and you lie there staring at the inside of your eyelids, waiting to drop off again. I would start a...
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Today has been a good day
Or how he overcame himselfAs you know from my previous missive, I had a stroke back in 2018; well, that isn’t the whole storyWhy today is a good dayThanks for reading Here Be Dragons! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.I like...
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Well, you know how it is
Or, how he stroked out and came back from the deadI’ve had quite a few experiences in the 60 odd years I’ve been on this planet. None quite so life affirming as my stroke of luck back in November 2018. My brain : image courtesy of Marcus Winkler on U...
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Sunset over the Rhinog mountains in the heart of the snowdonia national park, north wales UK
In the Begining
Hi there,this is just a short post to tell you more about myself and what Here be Dragons is all about.Many years ago I started a journey. A journey into myself. I recall that a few friends and myself were seated around a table at a small table in a ...
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Health, Wealth and Happiness

Diet, Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation
I am on anti-coagulants for A-Fib. Anything related to this catches my eye. I am determined to get rid of it myself without resorting to any invasive procedures or having to rely on pills. its becoming more apparent that Diet plays the largest role ...
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The Five Animal Frolics
The "Five Animal Frolics”These exercises were organized and created into an effective combined set and promoted by the famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo (Yuan Hua) (141-208 CE.) who was a contemporary of Zhang Zhongjing. He travelled from town to ...
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Daily training schedule
Recommended 30 - 45 Minute Training Regimen● Warm-up before you start to get deep into your workout, 5 - 10 minutes.● Practice at least two of the eight "Basic Stances," 10 sets each stance, 5 minutes.● Practice all of the newest material yo...
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Taking Stock
Or where I am right now.This website is all about recovery.Recovery of healthRecovery of happiness Recovery of wellness.TL;DRMy original plan was to write about all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that have befallen me ( and the family) o...
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New studies about the Ketogenic Diet
excusing the scary title, this actually a very interesting video about exactly how our nutritional system really worksIts not often you find the real deal on YouTube but this comes pretty close#KetogenicDieting
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Dedicated to the Arts of Health, Wealth and Happiness

What is the Smallest Step you Will Take to Change Your Life?

Dedicated to the Arts of Health, Wealth and Happiness What is the Smallest Step you Will Take to Change Your Life?

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