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Today has been a good day
Or how he overcame himselfAs you know from my previous missive, I had a stroke back in 2018; well, that isn’t the whole storyWhy today is a good dayThanks for reading Here Be Dragons! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.I like...
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Well, you know how it is
Or, how he stroked out and came back from the deadI’ve had quite a few experiences in the 60 odd years I’ve been on this planet. None quite so life affirming as my stroke of luck back in November 2018. My brain : image courtesy of Marcus Winkler on U...
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New studies about the Ketogenic Diet
excusing the scary title, this actually a very interesting video about exactly how our nutritional system really worksIts not often you find the real deal on YouTube but this comes pretty close
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What Science Has to Say About the Body-Mind Connection
For a long time, any mention of the “body-mind connection” has been written off as a “crazy woo woo” conspiracy. However, neuroscientists have begun to discover more about this connection between our physical selves and our mental selves. As a res...
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Sunset over the Rhinog mountains in the heart of the snowdonia national park, north wales UK
In the Begining
Hi there,this is just a short post to tell you more about myself and what Here be Dragons is all about.Many years ago I started a journey. A journey into myself. I recall that a few friends and myself were seated around a table at a small table in a ...
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Walking for weight loss
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Discover the secrets of Walking for Weightloss

this short ebook outlines a very workable strategy for walking with the aim of losing weight. Of course walking for this purpose is a no-brainer, yet this book has a few additional ideas up its sleeve that you might not have thought of 
complete with a handy checklist to keep you on track along with a selection of mindmaps in different formats that are great for visual learners

You will get the following files:
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