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Growth and Recovery

Back in November 2018 my world came to an end.

I suffered a Cerebellar stroke that Physically affected the left side of my body, my mind and my speech. Initially I made fast progress, then like so many other people something affected that progress.

I am now, once again at a point in 2023, after 3 years of marginal health, where I can begin to make some changes.

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on top of the Buchaille Etive Mor - Feb 1994

This is My Story

This is how I still see myself

As a Full-Time Mountain Skills Instructor.

A Career that I adored.

Of course, that is no longer the case

Jameson Selby

Only a few years ago

I was still working as an instructor well into my 50's. when at the age of 58 I suffered a Cerebellar stroke caused by falling down on the mountain too often. I had injured my neck and switched my legs off in a fall in 2016 shortly after this photo It took a while for full the deterioration to manifest itself. The past few years have been something of an uphill challenge of its own.

filming for TikTok near Yr Wyddfa winter 2023

These days

I have been following a daily Routine of Qigong and simple TaiJi, to regain my equilibrium and get myself ready for the mountains once more. You can usually find me Out and About creating videos for TikTok in various beautiful locations in Eryri/Snowdonia - The National Park in North Wales U.K.




winter 2010 Eryri

The Mountains Call

Everything I am doing these days has only one goal - To get me back in the Mountains again and at the same time raise money for the Stroke Association in the U.K. and for Men's Mental health through Movember. You can find further information on the

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Regular Updates and Bi-Monthly In-Depth Video posts about the Physical Challenge, Injury Recovery and the Specific Qigong and Acupuncture solutions

Buchaille Etive Mor

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Regular Updates, Qigong Bi-Monthly Videos and Mountain Leadership Video Modules, dealing with Navigation, General MountainCraft and Security on Steep Ground

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