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My Daily TaiJi Qigong Routine

Everyday I perform a Simple routine that I picked up from Don Fiore on YouTube.

I started way back in September 2021

As my studies have deepened I have begun to expand this practice, improving the transitions, to make it more flowing. In the original routine the pauses between the moves were interspersed with WuJi stance. depending on how I feel I add in Stand like a Tree or Circling the Globe. Sometimes both.

I have found it particularly useful for strengthening the legs and improving co-ordination and balance. As well as reducing my high morning blood pressure.

It's a gentle routine of 18 TaiJi Ch'i Kung rocking exercises that take around 20 minutes:

  1. Calming the Waters
  2. Push Water to the side
  3. Fanning the Wind
  4. Over the Drum
  5. Ball to the Mountain
  6. Ball to the valley
  7. Single Whip
  8. Focus the Arrow
  9. Push from the Shoulders
  10. Waves of the Universe
  11. Part the Horses Mane
  12. Brush Knee
  13. Hit the tiger
  14. Snakes tongue
  15. Push and Pull
  16. Hands waving Clouds
  17. Lotus flower blossoms
  18. Bamboo in the Wind

On January 1st 2023 I challenged myself to 1000 days of consecutive practice.

The other day I took a bit of a tumble and disturbed my equilibrium.

Yesterday I started back at the beginning, with this set of movements.

Later each day I am reviewing the Five Animals Set. Again, starting from the beginning. It seems to be working well.

I managed a 25 day streak before falling over