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Forgive Me

It’s been a funny few weeks and the time has just run away with me.


I have been attending some training courses with ZipWorld Wales at Llechwedd quarry, Blaenau Ffestiniog. I have taken up a casual hours contract driving their Leyland Daf ex-army trucks. Delivering the adventurous to their destiny on the Zip Lines. I have found the experience quite tiring. It’s been great fun though and I passed my assessment on Monday. Of course the weather has not been playing ball. It’s rained Cats and Dogs most of every day over the past 3 weeks. My first full shift begins on Saturday.

I am currently on Day 59 of my current streak #1000daysoftaijiqigong. I have been getting up at 6am and doing a 25 minute session before breakfast each day. Some days it has been quite hard to get going. Once I get started it’s fine.

The Easter Holidays are nearly here in the U.K. and that means that I will be tied up every day over the next fortnight at the very least. So, here’s the deal. The count continues. When I hit Day 100 I will start filming qigong videos again for Tik Tok. In the meantime if I get a chance to make some shorts on any other subjects I will. This will give me the chance to regulate my shifts and organise my output.

The Mountain Challenge is currently on hold for the moment. Out training the other week I discovered a bad weakness in the Peroneous Brevis on my left leg, causing a lot of ankle rotation and plantar collapse, limiting the distance I was walking, Quite why it suddenly flared up is not obvious. so I am dealing with that with the use of an ankle brace. This has made a real difference.

I don’t usually like to use too many aids as I feel that it prolongs the healing time. This time I intend to try for a few weeks until the muscles up to my hip have strengthened. The resulting hip imbalance was throwing out my right Rhomboids and causing neck pain, that wasn’t shifting in spite of the Qigong. Within a couple of hours of bracing my ankle the discomfort declined. Result.

Studying Qigong has helped me to recognise these blockages and imbalances very quickly, meaning that I have been able to target the exact weaknesses almost instantly. The Sonic Screwdriver is getting plenty of use as well.

I will be in touch again soon,