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Good Qigong Progress Being Made

Since falling over, back in January I have just completed a 30 day streak of Qigong. After a week or two of remedial exercises I have settled into a daily Shibashi routine before breakfast. It’s really been helping. So much so in fact that I am now back on track for my mountain challenge. I have also started back doing the Five Animal Sequences. For the next five days I shall just perform the first sequence - Tiger - before adding Deer and so on, until after 5 weeks I shall be performing the full sequence daily. When I have settled into that it will be time to add the 8 Brocades sequences. Following the same progression. Thus in 13 weeks time my full daily programme will consist of around 45 minutes of specific and targeted Qigong, roughly around the same time that I shall complete Mountain Challenge #1

Please note that I have Rescheduled this challenge for Thursday 22June 2023