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Sunset over the Rhinog mountains in the heart of the snowdonia national park, north wales UK

In the Begining

Hi there,

this is just a short post to tell you more about myself and what Here be Dragons is all about.

Many years ago I started a journey. A journey into myself. I recall that a few friends and myself were seated around a table at a small table in a tiny pub on the south coast of England. We were chatting about the things we wanted from life. There were the usual things: money, a nice house, a fancy car. Then things got a bit deeper. I said I wanted Wisdom and so my journey began. Have I attained wisdom? That’s not for me to say, but that has been the course of my life.

Not long after I changed my life and moved to where I now live to spend a life in the mountains. I have supported myself over the years by passing on my mountaineering skills and helping young people to change their lives.

In 2018, at the age of 58, I suffered a stroke. Since then I have been rebuilding my life one step at a time. The things I have learned and re-learned (for I have rebuilt my brain and body from the ground up) I would like to share with others. This is the medium through which I offer my knowledge. I hope that you might find some of it useful.

With blessings from the ❤️of the park,