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Today I Cocked up

Things have been going well lately...

This week I have already been busy. I have been studying hard and completed a course on Qigong through The Centre of Excellence to add to the T'ai Chi Diploma I picked up the other day. I finished Master Ping's Five Animals Medical Qigong course on Udemy; which i am working away at most days. I have also nearly finished Christopher Davis's Tai Chi for Seniors also on Udemy. I have made a start on a number of other courses. I have managed 25 days toward my 1000 days of TaiJi Chikung on TikTok. Which neatly brings me to today...

On my way to film some shots at a location near me, a place called Coed Felynrhyd. A gorgeous river valley of steep-sided native woodlands. One of the last areas of what has come to be known as Celtic Rainforest and which appears in the Mabinogion.

There I was wandering merrily down the hill, when i went over like a ton of bricks. Landing on my knee, i took all the skin off on a rock and twisted myself into a knot. That put the Kybosh on tonight's TikTokkery. Here I am now sitting at my keyboard, quite squiffy from the painkillers and glowing gently. I am going to bloody ache in the morning. I have a TaiJi Chi'Kung strategy brewing in my brain. Lets see how fast I can recover.